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Gavin Foo - Vocals / Guitars / Bass
Michael Rule - Drums / Percussion

‘Esoteric’ is the evolution of the Khariot's experimental death metal chaos, implementing new sounds & songwriting techniques and linking lyrically and conceptually to its predecessor ‘Disymposium’.

Gavin Foo & Michael Rule, the 2 remaining members of the original lineup from Perth, Australia; have taken on all recording duties to provide 7 songs with their signature sound of chaotic riffs and progressive odd-time signatures.

*ESOTERIC will only be available digitally, and provided as a pay-what-you-want release. Any support is greatly appreciated.

"Time for some really strange death metal from Australia that rules. Khariot just dropped their new full-length, Esoteric, on January 23rd. Not only is the music completely bone-chilling and entrancing, but once heard, it boggles the mind that this album was mainly a two-man effort, consisting of Gavin Foo on guitars/vocals/bass and Michael Rule on drums/percussion. I did ask the band, who confirmed that two of the songs on here were written by the band’s fuller line-up though.
Khariot have gleaned many good ideas and influences from groups such as Ulcerate, Gorguts, and Deathspell Omega in spots, yet they transcend mere carbon-copy status. Give it a listen and you’ll agree. In spite of being flooded with things to review, I can’t put this record down.
My personal favorite is the over 8-minute act of acute decimation that is “Hydra”, a multi-headed beast that perfectly resembles the insanity imagined by its title, though the band’s personal favorite (from what they told me) is “Infinite, Intrinsic Eye”, a point with which I can’t argue because that track is phenomenal as well.
Truly, Esoteric has everything you could want in a multi-faceted death metal record: a million menacing riffs, memorable morbid melodies, skronky structures, blasts for days, haunting grooves, bellicose vocal exorcisms, and laser-sharp twisted songwriting. Esoteric is oddly infectious; give in to the madness within."
Austin Weber @ No Clean Singing / 2nd February 2015

"Khariot are a duo from Australia that plays a very brutal, extreme, experimental and progressive form of death metal with some black metal elements and this is a review of their self released 2015 album "Esoteric".
A very dark and atmospheric sound starts off the album along with some clean playing that is also used quite a bit throughout the album and demonic voices which lead up to more of a heavier musical direction and after awhile melodic guitar leads, death metal growls and blast beats become a huge part of the recording and a good portion of the tracks are very long and epic in length.
You can hear a lot of brutal and technical parts in the bands musical style along with a decent amount of melody and the solos and leads the band uses display a great amount of talent and skill and are also a huge highlight of the bands musical style and you can also hear a small amount of high pitched screams being utilized in certain sections of the recording and all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them and as the album progresses, atmospheric sounds are brought into some parts of the songs and towards the end one of the tracks brings in a jazz influence.
Khariot play a style of death metal that is very brutal and extreme while also being very progressive and technical at the same time as well as adding in a touch of grind and black metal, the production sounds very professional for being a self released recording while the lyrics cover philosophical and metaphysical themes.
In my opinion Khariot are a very great sounding, brutal, technical and progressive death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Hydra", "Infinite, Intrinsic Eye" and "Labyrinth". 8 out of 10."
OccultBlackMetal @ Variety of Death Zine / 5th February 2015

"Khariot has a strong experimental edge with some crazy rhythms to go along with their brand of brutality. Strong Mastodon vibe mixed with the technical brutality of Gorguts."
Prog Metal Zone / 5th February 2015

"Some death metal perhaps? Yes Sir! Khariot is a two piece, death metal band from Perth, Australia. ”Esoteric”, which was released on the 23rd of January, is their newest release. Seven tracks are included in today’s album. Now, how would one describe such a record? Progressive death metal or technical death metal perhaps? I can’t say i’m sure. The thing is their music brought me back in the day where bands like Death, Cynic, Sadus and Atheist were huge. In a sense these bands are still huge. But let us get back to the album. The way i see it ”Esoteric” incorporates everything you like in death metal. First of all you’ve got great death metal vocals. I liked their singer’s vocals. Even when this guy growls he does it in a great manner. This album has this cold, dark atmosphere that we first came across with old school death metal. Find in this album excellent riffage and great drumming also. Take for example ”A Guilty Conjecture”. I didn’t expect to find this jazzy rhythm there. But how awesome is that? I think it’s great that there are still bands that play this kind of stuff. Favorite track perhaps? To be honest i don’t want to single out one track here. That’s how i feel. Well, in my attempt to reach a conclusion i would have to say that ”Esoteric” is a really good record. Perhaps album of the month this far. Specially recommended for death metal fans, but not only for them."
Tom @ Tzertzelos / 25th January 2015

I've been following Australian technical death metal act Khariot for some time now and consider their latest record, Esoteric, to be among the finest and most interesting technical death metal releases I heard all year. Khariot specialize in the darker and grimier spectrum of technical death metal, drawing strength and inspiration from Gorguts and Ulcerate in a big way. So this definitely isn't your typical flashy and frenetic tech-death, it's more like a sea of tar and torture whose idea of punishment is closer to suffocating you slowly than anything else. While more and more groups are drawing inspiration from Gorguts and Ulcerate, it takes a very skilled group like Khariot to take influence from them and then make it their own like they do on Esoteric. To me it's additionally impressive that the line-up for this record consists of only two people. Showing yet again that a few creative minds set on doing something different can often trump a full line-up dead set on doing what everyone else is.
Austin Weber @ Metal Injection / 15th December 2015


released January 23, 2015

Recorded 2013 - 2014 at Southern Darkness Recordings
Produced by Khariot
Engineering, Programming, Mixing & Mastering by Gavin Foo
Engineering & Additional Programming by Michael Rule

All Music Performed by Khariot
All Lyrics by Gavin Foo



all rights reserved


Khariot Perth, Australia

KHARIOT consists of musicians Gavin Foo & Michael Rule.

Chaotic blend of extreme, progressive & death metal.

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Track Name: Hydra
How Can This Be Final Why Does This Have To Be
Victim Of The Earth’s Judgement This Can’t Be Reality
I Refuse To Perceive Spewed Forth Fertile Lies
My Senses Deceive Provoked A Mortal Tragedy
I Will Not Believe The Mask Is Slipping
In Veils Drowned In Tears Sit In A Theatre To See A Play Of Hopes And Fears A Crowd That Seize It Not Much Of Madness More Of Sin Horror The Soul Of Plot
All Things Absolute This Cant Be My Reality
Prophecies Foretold Your Time Is Nigh
I Have Bled Upon The Soil
Mind Is Quick To Reach For Disillusion
Reached The Point Of No Return
A Funeral Pall Comes Down With The Rush Of A Storm
Voices In The Wind They Calleth My Name Time Is About To Unfold
While The Angels All Pallid And Wan Uprising Unveiling Affirm
The Play Is The Tragedy Man And It’s Hero The Conqueror Worm
Death Carved Across My Chest Bringer Of Pain
Annihilate This Human Stain
I Exist Through Pain Damnation Not A Thought To Me
From These Cells I Break Free Face An Entire Legion Of Me
Track Name: Infinite, Intrinsic Eye
The Mark Has Been Made I Constructed This Destiny Wasted Breath On Meaningless Tasks The Truth Now Clearer Ignorance Can Only So Long Be Ignored I Am The End I Am The Beginning Eternal I Have Laughed In The Face Of Death Existence Cannot Kill Me Infinite Intrinsic Eye Vision Attained Conscience Maimed Now It Breathes Now It Sees I Decree With Unforgiving Spite It Sees Immortal Persistence Purposed For Malicious Intent The World To My Slaughter
Track Name: Rephormulated Paradox
In The Distance The Foreshadowing Conclusion Of Philosophies And Perceptions Spiral Into Corporeal Visions What Was Once Realised Had Form Had Figure An Entity Is Now An Apparition Paths Once Tread Dawned The New Age Of Thought Balance Spiral Into Sight With These Figures One Can See Into Their Past Beyond The Fabric Of Mistakes I Have Walked In Strange Directions Realities Have Converged Can I Proceed To Contradict Into My Future Bred From Conflicting Resolutions Within I Envision This Life In Flames This Revision Of Existence And Pain There Can Be No Sanctuary Rephormulate This Paradox Revealing An Idea Revelations Unnecessary Born In Loss There Is No Direction Malicious Intent
Track Name: Labyrinth
Control And Power Hold No Stakes No Greater Possession Than Identity And Memory Precious Breaths In Seas Of Drown Of Thy Body Flesh And Bones Thy Passage Is Thus The Seams Unfold It Screams Vital Transformation Realities Converged Perception Of All That Is The Streams Lay Dormant Travelled Through Doors Unforeseen The Seams Unfold It Bleeds Vital Transmutation Looking Through The Multiverse All Realities Occuring